Illuminate your hobbies!

Illuminate your hobbies!

Illuminate your hobbies!Illuminate your hobbies!Illuminate your hobbies!


Quick video to show a simple 4 road double signal solution.  

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Hobby Lighting is Our Business

EZ Model Lighting is an opensource software designed to make lighting up your hobby a breeze!  Whether you are designing a model railroad layout, building a doll house, doing some RC modeling, or other hobbies where lighting is wanted, we have you covered!

Count on Our Expertise

20+ years coding for large firms, it was time to code for fun.  I love miniatures, model railroading, RC vehicles, and dollhouses to name a few.  Current lighting on model railroads is expensive and difficult.  I wanted to build something modular, inexpensive, and fun.

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Arduino MKR Zero -Pre Flashed

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