Rules Menu

Source From:


This auto populates based on what configuration you have.  Make sure you have done an Edit to be sure that you have something to work with.

Then select your Source DCC number.

Source From:


This will auto populate as well.  These are the names of what you have configured.

Source From:


This auto populates with the types of lighting/signal choices you have based on what you chose in the previous menu.  

In this case, I chose Police, so the 3 types of police lights will show.

Target To:


Which signal/light is your target?

Target To:


The second box will auto populate from your choice within the first box.  



Choose your operation:  Mirror, Link or Trigger

Mirror - allows you to set one thing as a mirror to another (make them the same)

Link -  sets one signal/light to change in relation to another signal/light specific

Trigger- sets one pixel to change in relation to another, pixel specific

Then click on Add Rule


Once you hit Add Rule:  The green signal/light is the Sourced From and pink represents the Target To: 


Rules from our 4 way intersection example

In our example we created rules for signals that mirrored each other, we flipped some signals around, and we created a link so that when 2 traffic lights are red, the other two are green.