Installing our Software

Check out this great video to show how to install our software!  

How to install

Click on the Download link at the top of this page

This will take you to our releases page on our Github account.  Choose the latest release.  (We are still in BETA, so do not be alarmed!) .   Taking you directly to the releases page means you can find the download much faster and always get the latest one!

Download the release to your desktop

Or wherever you feel comfortable putting it - as long as you can find it!

To do this:  Click the release name - a  pull down window appears under Assets

Click on the .msi file 

* Note * some computers will download the file without asking you where you would like it.

If this happens - find the file name in the web browser of your choice - right click and then click on Show in Folder.

Double click the file to begin the install.

You can do this right from your browser window, or you can navigate to where you downloaded the file and double click it from there.

Windows Defender

You may have to work around your windows defender software if you  have it, to install the software.

Your software is now on your desktop, ready to be launched!

How to Delete

Our beta software requires you to delete the old software before you can install the new beta.  Eventually, we will have it update, but for now, you can delete the software from Windows Add & Delete Programs.